50 Lux Magazine Issue 9


50 Lux Magazine Issue 9 is now available. Please scoll down for product description.

50 Lux Magazine Issue 9 Cover Image
50 Lux Magazine Issue 9 Cover Image


This issue features two graduates from the RMIT University and a commercial environmental photographer. Jacinta Lewis spent her school days carrying around two large visual diaries which were used at every opportunity. Recently she graduated from with an award for her folio of architecture photography. Pippa Samaya grew up between the isolated town of Albany in South West Western Australia and traveling to some of the more isolated parts of the world. A stint in Perth ensued before moving to Melbourne. Here we feature a combination of Pippa’s travel photography and the world she is passionate about – dance. Marcus Thomson tried careers as a mechanic and viticulturist before an interest in photography took hold whilst working in Queensland. A part-time course led to a full time course at RMIT TAFE, then a number of years as an assistant. Today he produces hard edged environmental portraits. We also look at some of the things to be aware of when buying a lens. Our camera for this issue is the Ricoh SLR series.
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