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All three photogrpahers this issue are street photographers, but quite different in their methods and outcomes. Dr Catherine Bell’s images are both her own – we feature the New York nannies series taken as part of the work she did in New York during an Australia Council for the Arts, Visual Arts Board Greene Street Residency (2010). Also included is some of the work she did with “found” images from her childhood. Oli Sansom has recently been awarded the Emerging Photogrpaher of the Year award for 2014. He too has ben taking photographs in New York, this time with 50 year old expired film and a Yashica twin-lens camera. Finally we feature David Wadelton’s images of Melbourne that he begun in the mid 1970s. They have become an important part of inner Melbourne’s history. Our Tech pages look at the Photoshop interface, processing raw files, and the Shutter. Our camera is the Pentax M series.


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