About 50 Lux

50 Lux is a small, independent publisher based in Melbourne, Australia.

I began taking photographs in my early teens and had my first pictures published as a 16 year old. At the same time I was drawing house designs, doing “graphics” at school, and learning computer programming using punch cards and the LaTrobe University mainframe. I liked the idea of becoming an architect, but couldn’t draw very well, so took up photography. I eventually gained a Masters degree in museum studies and worked on some of the first museum web sites in Australia.

From the mid 1980s I increasingly became interested in computing, and throughout the 1990s was building about 2 computers a week, and running some rudimentary Web sites.

In the early 2000s I was enticed into a programme that took graduates with Masters and Phd’s into education with the aim of providing experts in schools. The programme of course went nowhere, but I did spend over a decade enjoying myself teaching Information Technology, Media, and Photography. This was a time of rapid change in the Media and Photography spheres with the move to digital technologies.

So in many ways I’ve come full circle, I publish a photography magazine, I use my graphic design skills, and I’m doing what I taught in terms of Web design.

Where does 50 Lux come from?

50 Lux is a gallery / museum term. 1 lux is the light from a single candle measured at 1 metre. 50 lux is the recommended amount of light that should reach an artwork or photograph displayed in gallery or museum. It is a compromise between the potential damage caused by the UV part of the light, and what is comfortable for people to see.