Submitting Photography to 50 Lux Magazine

We are getting lots of interest from keen photographers wishing to submit to 50 Lux. That’s fantastic, but… (Yes, there’s always a but!) So if you are interested in being in the magazine read on.

Firstly, we are currently concentrating on the education market, although we know lots of other people are enjoying the magazine. Our first priority for folio’s is to senior students and graduates of tertiary institutions. We also try to publish at least one piece of senior secondary student work. This ensures that the magazine content stays at the highest possible level for our intended market.

This doesn’t mean that we mean to be mean. There are plenty of magazines both in print and on-line that may consider your work if you are not a student or recent graduate. We hope that you have success with them. And you never know we might expand our focus in the future.

Secondly, as we have readers in their mid-teens and perhaps younger, we don’t allow strong nudity. When we have our media/photography/studio arts teacher hat on, we ask students planning work: ‘would you show the final product to your grand parents and the principle?’ So we are unlikely to publish photographs that show genitalia (male or female). We are certainly not going to publish material that could be construed as pornographic or worse.

Thirdly, we ask you think about the long term use of what you submit. We plan to have this as a long term resource. Will you be happy with your images being seen in 5 or 20 years time? Our style’s all change over time, some of what we think is great now might seem not so great in the future – but then again it could become a classic worth thousands. We hope it will be later.

Fourthly, we don’t pay a fee. We see 50 Lux as a forum and platform for young people to showcase their work. Being published can help with their careers by building reputation, and drive viewers, and hopefully clients, to their Web sites.

Finally, do you own the images? We may need some form of verification that the images are yours, we can usually check the exif data. Unfortunately, we have to say this as some work has already been submitted that looked ‘somehow familiar’. Unfortunately we were right to be suspicious. Do you have suitable clearances and model releases? If there are company logo’s, are we permitted to use them without extra clearances from the owning companies? None of these is usually an issue with student work. We just don’t want to be sued by someone or have to remove an issue because of a breach in copyright.

The submission process.

If you are still up for it, do the following:

Send us an e-mail to editor @ (removed the spaces!) with either a link your Web site, flicker/red bubble/facebook etc. account. We’ll have a look, and get back to you either way.

If we like your work we’ll take the next steps. We will arrange an interview to accompany your images. Our editor, Andrew, likes a good natter over a cup of coffee, but we can use e-mail or Skype if you are not easily accessible. We are in Melbourne, but travel to Sydney and other places regularly. We’ll also probably need the original images in at least 300DPI resolution with iPads and Amazon Kindles well over that resolution now. If you are under 18 we’ll need permission from a parent or guardian to publish your images and be interviewed.

So don’t hold back. We work about 3 issues in advance. So your work could be showcased sooner than you think…