Books and Magazines

Despite the onward march of electronic distribution – the Internet, tablets, etc. The printed book and magazine is still the second best way after the original print of viewing photographic images. The photo book and monographs (single artist books) are still as popular as ever, and perhaps even more accessible. Borders – despite it’s supermarket status, offered a great range of photography books at good prices before being taken over by Red Group. It brought in many titles from the United States and Canada that had been previously inaccessible due to copyright restrictions. Nonetheless, there are, despite the doom and gloom of a few years ago, many great outlets for photo graphic books. Here are a few worth seeking out. If you have other suggestions please contact us at

Avenue Bookstore, Melbourne
Brunswick Bound, Melbourne
Coastal Shelf, Perth
Gleebooks, Sydney
Metropolis, Melbourne
Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne
NGV Bookshop, Melbourne
Perimeter Books, Melbourne
Queensland Art Gallery Shop, Brisbane
RMIT Bookshop, Melbourne
St Heliers Store and Gallery, Melbourne