News from Adobe, Epson, FujiFilm, and Zeiss

Zeiss Batis 25mm and 85mm lenses for FE mount Sony CSCs.
Zeiss Batis 25mm and 85mm lenses for FE mount Sony CSCs.
A couple of worthy pieces of news from the manufacturers over the past little while. Although, we get plenty of “news” we don’t report it all as there are plenty of other sites that regurgitate press releases for for you.

Lightroom 6

OK, perhaps the most important update has been the release of Adobe Lightroom 6, or more correctly Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. This is one of the last Adobe mainstream products to go CC. It is also one of the few that is available as part of the CC suite and as a stand alone product. The timing of the release comes as Apple releases it’s new App to replace the retired iPhoto and Aperture. I was an early fan of Aperture, but like a lot of people, the long time between updates meant that it was hard to assess many new products. Also imagine the time it would take to edit a raw file from the new 50 megapixel Canon cameras given that Apple Photo works in the cloud. Lightroom has had a number of under the bonnet changes, as well as some improvements to things like Web galleries. You can now do HDR merge and Panorama’s without swapping into Photoshop. Be warned though it will only run on Mac computers with 10.8 or later and some fairly powerful video cards.

Epson SureColor Printers

Epson continues the change to the SureColor branding for its printers. The latest – SC-P800 follows the SC-P600 that replaces the R3000. The P800 seems to replace the R3880 and is an A2+ device with 8 cartridges. It is not yet clear how many changes have been made beyond the cabinet and the Ethernet/WiFi interface. However, the P600 seems to be coping some flack for being substantially noisier than its predecessor even if the performance is the same. Expected release of the P800 is late June, but the R3000 is currently on bargain price runout.

Zeiss lenses for Sony A7 series

Finally, there are some interesting new lenses on the way. Zeiss has announced two Batsis lenses for the Sony FE mount full frame compact system cameras (A7 series). The interesting thing about the f2 25mm and f1.8 85mm lenses is that they feature OLED screens on the lens body giving distance and aperture readings. No price was given, but the release is a little way off in July.

FujiFilm XF 16mm f1.4

As regular readers will know, I’m a fan of the FujiFilm X series camera’s. While some of the features on my X-Pro1 are getting quite dated, and it doesn’t look as though there will be a direct upgrade, I’m still more than happy with results it gives. The range of lenses keeps expanding at a fairly good clip, and if you have a spare $1500 the XF 16mm f1.4 due for release in couple of weeks looks pretty enticing.

Fujinon XF16mm f1-4-r-wr

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