Polaroid Resurrection at Photonet Gallery

Superman - Pei Wen Kwek
Superman – Pei Wen Kwek
Although I missed the opening that was attended by over 80 people, on Monday I was able to get along to the Photonet Gallery in Fairfield for the Polaroid Resurrection exhibition. This Australian first is being held by the guys at FilmNeverDie.

Gary, the owner of FilmNeverDie in Parkville, Melbourne, is one of Australia’s biggest suppliers of Impossible Project film for Polaroid cameras. Melbourne is one of the Global ExPolaroid Exhibition Festival cities that includes places like Prague.

The exhibition features over 40 instant images, some created on Impossible, some on Fujifilm. The original images have been scanned and printed at 20 x 24 in editions of 10. The results, whilst showing up the limitations of the Polaroid camera lenses, are remarkably good. There is a beautiful richness to the pigment prints. The softness of the lenses works well for many of the images. Both the original image and the enlargement have been individually framed and sit side by side.

Gary asked what my three favourites were. These include a portrait of a woman in a coat against a stone wall (Luca by Danielle Bellofiore?), a wonderful landscape (The Road Not Taken by Kat White, and a image of a Hong Kong tram.

This coming Saturday 11 April 2015, artist Miun will be running an Emulsion Lift Workshop. This involves taking apart the exposed instant image and carrying out manipulation of the emulsion or transferring the emulsion to a second print. Two workshops will be held at the Photonet Gallery on the Saturday and a third will be held on Sunday at FilmNeverDie in Parkville.

If you are considering printing some of your work at exhibition quality, then it is worth speaking to Michael at Photonet. He has a wealth of photographic experience and produces excellent prints.

Photonet Gallery and Fine Art Printing is at 15a Railway Place Fairfield – opposite Fairfield railway station. The exhibition runs until 22 April 2015.

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