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Andrew Renaut

Thank you for reading the 50 Lux pages. I’m Andrew Renaut, Editor of 50 Lux. I’ve been passionate about all things photographic for a very long time. Writing regular articles and study guides for Metro, Screen Education and other magazines led to the realisation that whilst there is a plethora of books and magazines about photography, there is actually very little specifically designed for students and teachers. As a professional photographer with nearly four decades of experience, I have often helped teachers with their photography activities. However, the past decade of full time teaching photography and media in schools has led to greater understanding of what students and teachers would like to see in a publication.

We have a tablet based magazine with more detailed articles, tutorials, reviews, and interviews. This website acts as an important adjunct and contains reference and other material that can be used on a daily basis, as well as things that might be too long or big for the magazine.

While we are based in Melbourne Australia, we would love to hear from anyone around the world who is involved in photography education.

Megan Armstrong has been a great help with some of the graphics on the site so far, most notably our banner logo.
Contact us if you would like some great graphic design.

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