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Health & Safety. Using the K1000. Loading the tank. Developing your film. Printing: Part One. Printing: Part Two.

You have probably heard the expression 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. Well the aim of these pages is to start you on the journey of making those pictures.

This course has it's origins in the work I did as a photography teacher and is based on the Year 10 black and white photogrpahy course. However, anyone with the basic equipment can use these pages to learn or as a limited reference. It provides basic information on using certain types of cameras that schools commonly have access to - more will be added over time - and how to process and print 35mm film again using the materials and chemicals that are freely available. Eventually, we'll add information on other materials and chemicals, and on digital processes and workflows such as InDesign and Photoshop. We aim to put a new page up every two to three weeks.

Navigation has been designed to be as direct as possible to make the site a ready reference for students. At present you can access all pages directly by clicking on the links on the left side of the page.

We aim to have most of the pages in PDF form at a later date.

About the author:

Andrew Renaut has been a practicing professional photographer for 30 years. His first published photographs appeared in the Valley Voice in Eltham in the late 1970s. Andrew studied at the Photography Studies College in Melbourne and has worked in the fashion, wedding, and commercial photography areas. Andrew is currently a Board Member of ATOM (Australian Teachers of Media) and editor of 50 Lux magazine.


This site has been written from my own knowledge gained over 3 decades of photography work. However, I would like to acknowledge Ian Faulks and the late Graham Baulch for the time I spent as their assistant. I would also like to thank the many many students I have taught photography to over many years. Where material has been taken from other sources links or acknowledgments will be provided on those pages.

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